Some ramblings about the types of posts this blog contains

Book Reviews

I write tons of book reviews. I’ve only started recently, but I can finish at least three books a week (more during the aftermath of book splurging/hauling). I don’t write in a consistent format, although oftentimes I write longer reviews for books I loved. It’s very difficult to review books with higher ratings without sounding like a complete worshiper.

Book Tags

Book tags include instructions a blogger has to follow, and questions he/she has to answer. You have the option of tagging other bloggers afterwards. Tags are a lot of fun. I rarely do them though. Sloth alert.

Monthly Haul

Each month, I post photos and descriptions of the books I’m planning to read, just so readers have an idea of the reviews I’m going to publish.

Monthly Wrap-ups

I plan to do this soon, you know, when my productivity rises to extremely high levels.


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